Curriculum Vitae

Stephan Vladimir Bugaj

Selected Filmography

2008-current Brave (Pixar, release date summer 2012) Team Lead: Pipeline Development

2008 Tokyo Mater (Pixar) Generalist Technical Director
2008 Cars Toons (Pixar) Generalist Technical Director
2008 Calendar Confloption (Afterwork Films) Special Thanks, Story Development (uncredited)
2008 Making a Confloption (Afterwork Films) Director
2008 WALL-E (Pixar Animation Studios) Shading Artist
2008 The Debate (web short) Director, Writer
2008 Osmosis (student film) Producer
2007 Ratatouille (Pixar) Shading Artist, Software Engineer
2007 Ratasockatouille (Buena Vista, unreleased) Actor, Art Dept
2007 Moon Over Chinatown (indie short) Director, Writer, Producer
2007 Violet (PU Films) Director Trainee, Art Dept, Color Grader
2006 Cars (Pixar) Shading, Rendering & Compositing Artist
2005 The Devil’s Rejects (Lion’s Gate) Visual Effects Artist
2004 The Incredibles (Pixar) Technical Development, Cloth & Hair Simulation
2004 The Incredible Socks (Buena Vista Home) Actor, Videographer, Artist

Selected Awards

* For my feature screenplay Let The Games Begin
Official Screenplay Selection, 2011 International Family Film Festival
Semifinalist, 2011 CineStory competition
First-Place Winner, 2010 Gimme Credit competition
Second-Place Winner, 2010 Wildsound competition
Finalist, 2010 Creative World Awards competition
Finalist, 2009 Austin Film Festival competition

* For my feature screenplay Welcome To Akron:
Second-Place Winner, Cinequest 21 competition
Semifinalist, 2011 Creative Screenwriting AAA competition
Semifinalist, 2011 Blue Cat competition
Semifinalist, 2010 Nicholl Fellowship competition
Quarterfinalist, 2010 Slamdance competition
Quarterfinalist, 2010 Page Awards competition
Quarterfinalist, 2009 CineStory competition
Quarterfinalist, 2009 Fade-In Awards competition

* For my feature screenplay Desert Maelstrom:
Semifinalist, 2011 Shriekfest horror script competition
Quarterfinalist, 2011 Creative World Awards competition
2nd Rounder, 2011 Austin Film Festival competition

* For my TV spec script Dexter: Sins Of The Father (co-written with Anuradha Vikram):
Finalist, 2010 Creative Screenwriting Expo competition
Semifinalist, 2011 Creative Screenwriting Expo competition
Quarterfinalist, 2010 Scriptapalooza TV competition
2nd Rounder, 2011 Austin Film Festival competition

* For other projects
Category winner in the Twitter short script competition (in the Politics category).
Top 5 in the / Unknown Sender short script competition with my script Keeping The Secret.


Team Lead / Senior Technical Director, PIXAR ANIMATION STUDIOS, Emeryville, California
2002 – Present
Worked on multiple feature animation films with budgets of $90,000,000 and up, in the following roles: Shading/Texturing TD (including look development); Simulation (clothing & hair) TD; Shot Fixing, Rendering and Compositing TD; Technical Development; Software Engineering; and Pipeline R&D. Credited contributor to multiple animated feature and short films. Worked on projects including rat ears and nose looks development for “Ratatouille” and development of a background character shading system for “WALL-E.” Filed seven patent applications in the area of production pipeline management systems developed during “The Incredibles,” which are still used today. Currently leading production-side development of a completely overhauled pipeline for our 2011 feature, “Brave”.

Deputy Chief Technical Officer, WEBMIND, New York, New York
1998 – 2001
Responsible for numerous projects in the following areas at this Artificial Intelligence R&D start-up: engineering management, requirements analysis, business – technical liaison, sales and marketing, software and systems design for core R&D and product development, and IT development in support of large-scale projects. Managed, or co-managed, a variety of projects totaling approx. $20,000,000 in value. Personally developed requirements specifications and technical designs for products and R&D projects in the areas of text search, peer-to-peer computing, audio and video search, contextualized training of AI algorithms, automated logical reasoning, language processing and core AI system design.

Director Of Technology, THUNDER HOUSE (A MCCANN-ERICKSON COMPANY), New York, New York
Led all Web technology efforts, and managed all developers, for accounts totaling several million dollars in value, including marquee clients such as Black & Decker, L’Oreal and Reckitt & Coleman. Managed all technial staff, and was client liaison for all technical issues, including providing implementation ideas during the concept and design stages of projects. Also wrote advertising copy.

Member of Technical Staff, Research, BELL LABORATORIES, Holmdel, New Jersey
1996 – 98
Worked on several Web communications research projects in the Multimedia Communications Research Dept. Conceptualized, designed, and coded an AI-based self-monitoring system for Web and Internet servers. Researched novel user interfaces, and published in this area. Served on the W3C Synchronized Multimedia Working Group, and in that capacity co-authored the Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language (SMIL) 1.0 specification.

Senior Research Programmer, STUDIO ARCHETYPE, San Francisco, California
1995 – 96
Lead programmer and systems administrator for the studio. Developed Web projects totaling several million dollars in value, for numerous major clients including Macromedia, IBM, Sony, and 20th Century Fox. Helped develop various pioneering Web advertising projects, including the first (or one of the first): Web animation, Web radio, Web streaming video, recommendation systems and e-commerce sites. Worked on Rick Smolan’s “24 Hours In Cyberspace” project. Also wrote advertising copy.

Sound Dept. Programmer and Voice Actor, STRATEGIC SIMULATIONS, INC., Sunnyvale, California
1994 – 95
Audio production team member, programmer, background voice actor, and Foley artist on the “Silent Hunter” and “Thunderscape” video game projects.

Virtual Reality Engineer, GRAVITY, San Francisco, California
Created the prototype version of “Bug,” a non-violent action game for kids, including writing the story, doing all character and game design, and writing the code.

Virtual Reality Engineer, DIGITAL MEDIA REALITY LAB, Santa Cruz, California
Produced video elements for Billy Idol “Cyberpunk” videos, including synchronized elements, and canned “mix-in” elements for live video “jamming” to accompany touring performances. Wrote virtual reality games and designed non-gaming VR worlds. Demonstrated virtual reality and live video at SIGGRAPH, including working as a videographer for the Industrial Light & Magic “Nailed” party.


Advanced Professional Certificate in Screenwriting, 2008
UCLA, Los Angeles, CA

A.A., Liberal Arts and Quantitative Studies, 1992
SIMON’S ROCK COLLEGE, Great Barrington, MA

Completed seven years of film program study at Pixar’s in-house school “Pixar University”, which is modeled after the UCLA film school programs in writing, directing and producing.

Additional coursework (over 130 total credits) in filmmaking, computer science, and philosophy at San Jose State University, Stevens Institute of Technology, UC Berkeley Extension, CUNY Hunter College, UNM, and CCSF.

Selected Bibliography

Contributing author and chapter editor for the forthcoming Visual Effects Society Handbook.

Goertzel, Ben and Stephan Vladimir Bugaj. Sousveillance and AGI : The Profits and Perils of Nonconformity, presented at the 2nd Conference on AGI, Arlington, VA, Mar 6 – 9, 2009.

Bugaj, Stephan Vladimir and Max Planck. Shading the many: solutions for shading crowd characters on WALL-E. Presented at SIGGRAPH 2008, Los Angeles, CA, August 11 – 15, 2008.

Goertzel, Ben and Stephan Vladimir Bugaj. Stages of Ethical Development in Artificial General Intelligence Systems. Proceedings of the 1st Conference on AGI, IOS Press, 2008.

Goertzel, Ben and Stephan Vladimir Bugaj. Five Ethical Imperatives and their Implications for Human-AGI Interaction. Dynamical Psychology Journal, annual 2007.

Goertzel, Ben and Stephan Vladimir Bugaj. The Path to Posthumanity: 21st Century Technology and Its Radical Implications for Mind, Society and Reality. Academica Press, 2006.

Bugaj, Stephan Vladimir. Halfway Intelligent Natural Language Processing, presented at Los Alamos National Laboratories, invited Computer Science lecture, Los Alamos, NM, December 2001.

Bugaj, Stephan Vladimir. Computer – Human Shared Intelligence, presented at The First Global Brain Workshop (GBrain 0), V.U.B., Brussels, Belgium, July 2001.

Bugaj, Stephan Vladimir. Pattern Languages of Interaction Design, presented at the International Meeting of the Society for Philosophy and Technology, San Jose, California, July 14 – 17, 1999.

Seligmann, Doree Duncan and Stephan Vladimir Bugaj. Live Web Stationery: Virtual Paper Aging. Presented at SIGGRAPH 1997, Los Angeles, CA, August 5 – 7, 1997.

Bugaj, Stephan Vladimir. Technology and the Archeology of Knowledge, presented at the International Meeting of the Society for Philosophy and Technology, Dusseldorf, Germany, September 23 – 25, 1997.

Bugaj, Stephan Vladimir. Designing 3D Web Spaces, chapter in Designing Interactive Web Sites, Hayden Books, 1997.

Seligmann, Doree Duncan, Cati Laporte and Stephan Vladimir Bugaj. The Message is the Medium. Proceedings of the 6th International WWW Conference, Santa Clara, California, April 7 – 11, 1997.

Selected Other Activities

Survival Research Labs. 1993 – 1997, 2006.  Volunteered as a webmaster, programmer, systems administrator, props fabricator, printer, webcaster, fuel loader, designer,  and general crew member.  Participated in the Calculated Forecast of Ultimate Doom, Crime Wave, Deliberate Evolution Of A Warzone, and Ghostly Scenes of Infernal Destruction shows, and Funhouse installation.

Photography.  Exhibited in group shows at SF Camerawork, Transmissions Gallery, and Pixar.

My personal blog.

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